This method will return a URL (a pre-signed S3 link) to download a JSON or CSV file containing all organizations in the specified country.
The file is updated once a day. The pre-signed URL is only valid for 30 minutes.

The most efficient way to use GlobalGiving Atlas is to download a complete repository of data for a given country. This method allows you to easily create a pre-signed link to the data file stored in Amazon S3. The data in these files are updated once a day and contain all of the data for the specified country.

Note that due to the max row limit of Excel's file format, the XLSX download is not available for countries with more than 1,048,576 records.


Use The Link Within 30 Minutes

The generated URL link is valid for 30 minutes. To access the file again after this time, you will need to call this API method again to generate a new link.

Click the "Try It" button and enter your GlobalGiving Atlas API key along with a two-character ISO code (e.g. "US") to generate a working link.

Example returned data:

"url": ""


CSV and Excel Files Subject to Change

We provide a CSV and Excel format of GlobalGiving Atlas data for convenience. These files are generated from the JSON file that is also available for download.

As we expand GlobalGiving Atlas, additional fields may be added to each country. When this happens, the order and columns of the CSV and Excel files may change.

We recommend using the JSON format for any technical integrations. If you use the CSV or Excel files, we suggest using the first row's header names to reference each column rather than their indexed positions, which may change.

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